Some commonly asked questions. 

Q : What are the non-profits you are funding ?

A : Do refer to this link for the non-profits groups that we are supporting.

Q : How will I know if the funds are given to them?

We do updates on our social media account FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM  and on our blog the transactions to the groups. So far we have made contributions to Save Our Singapore Dogs (SOSD) and VIVA Foundation.

Q : Will all clothes donated be listed on the site? 

A: To differentiate from other non-profit thrift stores, The Heart Bazaar has a carefully curated collection, meaning not all clothing donated will be listed. Also due to limited resources, we need to be selective on the clothes to be listed. However, we keep by our promise that all clothes donated will not go to waste expect those in really bad condition. Clothes that failed to make it to The Heart Bazaar’s website may either be uploaded on our shopee account ( THBmarketplace ) or donated to other charity groups such as MINDS and The Salvation Army.

Q : Will we get paid for the clothes donated? 

A : Right now, we do not have the resources to do so. However, being a donor, you will be notified of any perks or vouchers available in the future.

By donating to The Heart bazaar, you agree to abide by the condition that The Heart Bazaar will have sole discretion over the clothing and that The Heart Bazaar will make the best arrangement for the clothing donated by you.

Q : Why should i give you my perfectly trendy clothes even if I no longer wear them when I can sell it online or at flea markets? (updated March 2018 : Due to space constraint, we have temporarily stop accepting donation of clothes from public till further notice)

A : Because your clothing can easily change lives. That is more precious than any monetary value.  The Heart Bazaar is an established platform for your clothes to make a difference. We take away the hassle of you having to sell the clothes online and meet with low-ballers. You can be assured also that your clothes are making a difference , that you are doing good almost effortlessly.

Q: Fund usage

A: For every apparel sold, up to 60-80% goes to fund charities. The remaining 20-40% is used to fund overhead and logistics costs which may include but not limit to warehouse and office space rental, manpower, creative, dry-cleaning, photo shoot, postages, packaging materials. Any excess funds goes direct into The Heart Bazaar fund and channel into further achieving The Heart Bazaar’s purpose and mission.

We vow to be transparent and prudent with the money spent and donors are always welcome to find out more by emailing us

Q: Do you take profit from the items donated?

A: The Heart Bazaar works like a non-profit organisation. The bulk of profit earned from the sale of the clothing goes to fund charity causes. The remaining are used to expand The Heart Bazaar’s mission. No profit is given to shareholders or owners as bonus.

If your question has not been answered here, do fill in the contact form and we will get back to you soonest.