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At The Heart Bazaar, we want you to look good, do good and feel good effortlessly.
Most of us want to do good, to make a difference, to help the less fortunate but unable to due to time constrain, demands from life etc.The Heart Bazaar wants to make it easy for you!

Shop and do good

Simply by shopping, you are making a donation to a charity while saving a piece of apparel from the landfill.Up to 80% of the retail price goes to charities we supported. How’s that for doing good effortlessly?

Love our planet

Shopping secondhand contributes to making the world a better place in a small way, and we strives to be a part of that and we want you to be a part of it too. Together we can add up to a significant change. Let’s leave the planet to be as sustainable as possible for our next generation.
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About us


How it started

The Heart Bazaar was founded as a ground-up movement (GUM) in February 2017. It began in 2016, as a passion project by three sisters. In the beginning, the three sisters sold their second-hand clothing on Carousell to raise money for charity. Response from friends and loved ones were very positive. Eventually, this expanded to the founding of The Heart Bazaar.

Thankful for the love

Most importantly, along the way, we received, and are still receiving lots of love, trust and unconditional support.

  • Friends and loved ones who were eager to donate their clothing.
  • Our model, Adeline. Thank you for doing this for love!
  • Singapore Kindness Movement ( Special shoutout to Rachel) which has been nothing but supportive and helpful.
  • Celebrities and famous personalities who selflessly donate their clothing for our cause.
  • Media and bloggers who write and share about us. We even had a radio interview in December 2017 which was an amazing priceless experience.
About Donations and donations made

Till date, we have made multiple donations to meaningful causes – SOSD (Save Our Street Dogs), VIVA Foundation (Research on children cancer), HCSA Dayspring (supporting single and low-income mothers). Although, the donated figure maybe little, but it meant a lot to those who make this possible and to us.

For The Changing Room (celebrities’ closets), 100 % of profits (80-90% of retail price) goes to charities of the ladies’ choice.

For clothes with SKU THB/SKM, 50% of retail price goes to our supported charities.

The rest of the proceed goes to The Heart Bazaar’s operating fund, including but not limited to website hosting, G Suite charges, roadshow fees etc. We are also saving up to rent a storage space!


3 years on, The Heart Bazaar is still being managed solely by the three sisters on a voluntary, unpaid basis. This is how we keep costs low and enable the majority of the sales to be donated to charities and non-profits. Admittedly, It is not easy and it is a lot of work and time required of us on top of full time jobs and motherhood.

Due to a limitation of space ( clothes are kept in a study room of one of the sister), The Heart Bazaar is unable to expand our inventory and accept clothing donation from the public since 2018.

We hope to eventually rent a storage space to allow us to accept more clothing and expand the movement. If you are keen to make a donation of any amount to our storage rental fund, do contact us via the contact form or social media!

Passion has led us here and we hope to have you in this squad to do good.

With smiles,

R, A and M

P.S. In Loving Memory of Kiki (1990 – 2008), Bobby (2001 – 2017)

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